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Long baseball feature an extended or adjustable inseam for the cleat cut look. We carry a wide selection of long and extra long baseball pants for the team and individual. These extra length baseball pants come in youth and adult sizes. Most of our long baseball pants are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Same day shipping and low prices make Homegrown Sporting Goods the premier internet store to buy long baseball pants.

Long Baseball Pants with 33"+ or Adjustable Inseams

Teamwork 3754 Open Bottom Piped Baseball Pants Augusta 1477 Slider Open Bottom Baseball Pants Augusta 1495/1496 Baseball Pants
Style: Teamwork 3754 Style: Augusta 1477 Style: Augusta 1495
Piping 17oz., +/- 8" Adjust. Stripe 15oz., 34"-35" Ins. Piping 15oz., 34"-35" Ins.
$35.95 &up $32.95 &up $30.95 &up
Augusta 1490/1491 Baseball Pants Augusta 858 Open Bottom Piped Baseball Pants Augusta 1475 Line Drive Baseball Pants
Style: Augusta 1490 Style: Augusta 868 Style: Augusta 1475
Solid 15oz., 34"-35" Ins. Piping 14oz., 34"-35" Ins. Open Bottom, Stripes 14oz.
$29.95 &up $28.95 &up $28.95 &up
Augusta 1465/1466 Baseball Pants Holloway 221018 Backstop Open Bottom Baseball Pants High Five 15080 Piped Baseball Pants
Style: Augusta 1465 Style: Holloway 221018 Style: High 5 15080
Stripe 15oz., 34"-35" Ins. Solid 13oz., 33"-34" Ins. Piping 14oz., 32"-34" Ins.
$28.95 &up $27.95 &up $24.95 &up
Augusta 1447 Color Block Open Bottom Baseball Pants Teamwork 3751 Pitchout, Open Bottom, Baggy Fit, Piped Baseball Pants Teamwork 3736 Baggy Fit, Open Bottom, Flared Baseball Pants
Style: Augusta 1447 Style: Teamwork 3751 Style: Teamwork 3736
Stripes 11oz.., 32"-34" Ins. Piping 14oz. 32"-34" Ins. Solid 14oz., 32"-34" Ins.
$23.95 &up $23.95 &up $22.95 &up
Teamwork 3733 Open Bottom Piped Baggy Baseball Pants Augusta 1445/1446 Baseball Pants High 5 15050 Piped Baseball Pants
Style: Teamwork 3733 Style: Augusta 1445 Style: High 5 15050
Piping 12oz., 32"-34" Ins. Piping 12oz., 34"-35" Ins. Piping 12oz., 34"-34" Ins.
$22.95 &up $21.95 &up $21.95 &up
High 5 15040 Open Bottom Solid Baseball Pants Augusta 1440/1441 Baseball Pants Badger Sport 7295 Open Bottom Baseball Pants
Style: High 5 15040 Style: Augusta 1440 Style: Badger 7295
Solid 12oz., 32"-34" Ins. Solid 12oz., 34"-35" Ins. Solid 12oz., 31"-36" Ins.
$19.95 &up $18.95 &up $17.95 &up
Style: Teamwork 3733C    
Piping 12oz., 32"-34" Ins.    
$23.95 &up    
closeout $9.95 &up    

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